Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thoughts on Thinking

'The trouble with you Adam is that you do several things well"
~ Steve Bowen
This little piece of wisdom was completey and utterly lost on me at the time it was shared with me.
What? How can doing things well be a problem?
My dad used to say, "Adam, you think too much."
Well damn, how can I stop? i thought people were supposed to think.
Scanlon would put it perfectly over a gran mariner one night, 'Lamb, just don't be bullshit.'
Hash words indeed.
But given the evidence, my results as of late, I think that they had a point.
Given some time to ponder since my last position was eliminated I started to understand what they were telling me.
Where was I in my life? Had I achieved everything I have ever dreamed of? I had become someone of consequence in this world - making it better than when I found it?
Apparently not.
But my past is not my future.
My writing efforts are a good example. I had several projects well under way and none of them finsihed. After starting them I would second guess myself, reconsider why I should even be attempting them and consequently I became bullshit; coming up short yet again on something that, not only I enjoyed but, I had committed to - even to the point of telling loved ones that I was, 'well on my way'.
What Steve meant was that because I did several things well, I had a tendency to start many things and complete none of them.
What my dad meant was that I over thought things and would physc myself out.
Scanlon meant, well you know what she meant.
I've drawn up a specific plan for the year - given that the shortest path between 2 points is a straight line.
I've given it some deep thought and now have committed to a specific direction.
I even went so far as to ascribe deadlines for each line item - keepin on point
I've rescheduled my day in order that I will attend to everything on my list and take some action based on the results I want to see.
I'm sharpening the saw, as Steven Covey suggests, and have started 2 courses of study, one first thing in the morning when my critical thinking is best and one during lunch.
I'm realizing that the things I want in my life as posted on my Vision Board are going to take consistent focused attention and energy in order to achieve them.
'Slow and steady wins the race.' Mark Ciolko said to me on many occasions.
I get it now buddy
I'm on my way.
And no Scanlon, I won't be bullshit - I'll let my results speak for themselves.

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