Friday, February 6, 2009

'Life is not in here - it's out There!

Whether you're in to motorcycles, against facism, up with Schaunzers or down with the military industrial complex there's bound to be a group on the set who's set up their own social networking site. While I can see the validity of something like for career minded individuals, our business network is something of real value and can bring real opportunity and connection, some others real use can be a bit dubious at best.

If, like me, you're on one or two, don't limit yourself to one school of thought or slant. The reality is that most people will buy, and read, books that only affirm their beliefs, as if they're gathering evidence on why they feel a certain way about something. 'Yea, see I knew that there was something going on behind the scenes....'

Conspiracy Theorists Unite!

Social networking can be similarly polarizing. It's important to seek out and listen to dissenting views because that's only where real growth occurs - if everyone feels the same way about a particular subject there where is the discourse, the open - mindedness to say, 'You know, I never knew that cats had the same anal glands as dogs, go figure.'?

For someone looking to make a real difference in their's and other life theres . One dream is all it takes.

I love because it gives seekers the opportunity to go out and actually meet, god forbid!, others with similar or different views. I have a meetup group, a book club of sorts called 'The Wolfpack, The Way of the Superior Man', to get real about the work of David Deida. 'When two or more are gathered...'

On the horizon is a social networking site that looks like it may eclipse what's presently available and could be something really significant. If you don't check it out, you'll never know and how often does a website offer equity positions for nothing more than a few minutes of time and access to your sphere of influence. Go to: and tell em I sent you.

Let's face it people, the real world - and real relationships, only occur out there -in the physical world.

Now stop reading and go sign up for a salsa group, or Libertarians Against Socialism or Mother's for the Ethical Treatment of Teenagers - whatever grooves you - go out and get some.

Pass it on, Play it Forward & Be A River


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