Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mission: Probable

One of the advantages of the consulting business is that, at rare wonderful times, one gets to travel outside of the country and get off the beaten path.
Often trainings and coaching occur away from the tourist attractions and one gets to see how the population really lives instead of the prepacked sanitized experiences ready for human consumption so often on display anywhere where the service sector drives the economy.
These can be sobering times and shout out for action and sometimes all that's neccesary is stepping in and taking a vested interest in people's lives. The reality is that no manager can coach, counsel or train anyone on just how the recipient works. One has to coach the entire soul, so to speak, in order to make a difference in their work life - the added benefit is that the coach-ee has a better life as well; their family benefits, their community and their nation.
Heady stuff considering it all started with proper hand washing techniques; yea that was a bit of sarcasm - but just a bit.
That's why foodwerks inc. has adpoted a new mission statement, and I've found a new focus: 'Making Lives More Meaningful One Dish at a Time.'
Given that's where we start, who knows where we'll end up?
Stick around, we'll keep you up on our progress!

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