Saturday, January 31, 2009


Kerri Scanlon of Swampscott Ma. sent me this list of quotes from 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsh. It makes up a mantra that has given me courage in my darkest moments.
She's a true gift in my life, it's something special when someone to stand for another's greatness especially when doubt rears it's ugly head.
Thank you my beloved!

You cannot lose in this battle
You cannot fail
Thus, it is not a battle at all
But simply a process
Yet if you do not know this
you will see if as a constant struggle
It is in not struggling that the process proceeds
It is the the surrendering that the vicotry is won
There is no coincidence
And nothing happens by accident
Each event and adventure
Is called to yourself by yourself
In order that you might create and
Experience who you really are
All true masters know this
All that is required is to know this
For you are the creator of your reality
And life can only show up in no other way for you
Than that way in which you think it will
Dedicated to Grampa Skinny - Hey Scanlon, how about another junior, sauce, cheese, mayo to go!


  1. Lamb! It's Scanlon!
    I love the dedication to Grandpa Skinny!
    I love that you are sharing this with everyone. This conglomeration of words has saved my ass and my sanity more times than I can count.
    I am so proud of you my friend. You truly are a gift to me! Always have been...
    I love the In Season box at the bottom - it really ties into what I got out of your manuscript.

    Love you!!!