Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes it all about WHEN something grabs you that makes the differece

I came across an odd email that I was moved to click through; I'm sure that I had seen similar posts before but this time something grabbed my eye. I wish I could say it was some flash formatting or similar tactic that marketers use to differentiate them selves from the pack - but it wasn't; more differently this particular author and coach wasn't selling anything - at least that I could see, just giving away free copies of his new book, period. No hook, no bait and switch - just simply a desire by the author to get the information in as many hands that will be willing to use the outline he's created for a better life.
I pride myself on being sophisticated enough to see what's under the hype and for the life of me, I couldn't find anything untoward, just an impassioned man who wants to make a difference; and a simple message that spoke to me in a way I hadn't heard before even though the words seemed familiar until I realized that it's not just about the message - it's also about my willingness to be open and allowing for the message to be heard; timing baby, is everything.

Don't take my word for it, download this excellent book, 'Monetizing Your Passion' by Rich German. 238 pages of solid actionable content - no more pandering the ego's of the author, Rich breaks through to a level that grabbed me and before I knew it, I had started with some of his action steps in order to bring my game to the next level - and I know that he can provide you the tools and self motivation that will get you taking massive action based out of what you determine what's most important to you.

Wishes will never change anything; energy, discipline and enthusiasm will!
Please, do your self a favor and down load his free book 'Monetizing Your Passion'; you won't be sorry and I can be in complete integrity bringing you something that will definitely 'support you in your success'!

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