Monday, March 23, 2009

silver clouds - platinum linings

Here in Florida, now that the days are slightly longer, about an hour before sunset, the light reflecting off of the towering clouds shine silver and serves to remind me that although things may be looking dim in the news nowadays I firmly believe that these economic times will turn out to be, in retrospect, the greatest time of opportunity that I'll likely see in my life time.
For someone, or some group, with the courage of their convictions, with the tenacity of their expectations, with the drive of a dream that only they can see - this is indeed an auspicious time. There are deals to be made, bargains to be found and partnerships to be established that now, while it's the right time - the time right before the right time, that will reap huge benefits for those involved and those affected, influenced, led and illuminated by the subsequent bold action, massive intent and consistent movement forward.
I have no evidence of this: no reliable data, no quantifiable detail, spreadsheets, exit polls nor experts to extol the virtue of my wisdom yet there is something insistently nagging me here, deep inside my heart and mind that urges me to believe that it is so - some innate cellular memory of difficult times mastered that reminds me that all one really has to do is see these times for what they are and not merely what they look like:
The chance of a lifetime.
I, for one, am going back to my business plan, tighten up my numbers, equate a reasonable balance between profit and life for all involved in the project and talk to everyone that'll listen to me to take this adventure with me; with all of you.
To that end I'm going to start an on line blog/diary/journal that will serve as a report, of sorts to those that might take a similar step and a how to guide that might serve to save others from whatever hiccups I might experience along the way called 'The Red Wing Coop Kitchen Project' ; I'll post a link when it's formatted.
I'm going to come up with a completely compelling reason why people will come and be in relationship with me and share some of their hard earned money with me as customers and why, oh why, some will make the decision to trust me, my experience, skill, good humor and insight and to entrust in me some of their money in partnership with me in joy.
All of this just feels too big to keep all to myself, so don't be surprised if I call you soon and ask you to be a part of what I'm about to create; something that will work for everyone and something that will embody what foodwerks inc, and I stand for - at the core, "Making lives more meaningful, one dish at a time."
Oh, what a time to be alive, to take a chance, to look beyond the clouds to the platinum linings just beyond our view - but that are there nonetheless.

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